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In Academy Avistopia, we prepared a comprehensive set of various courses, workshops, and books. Courses & Workshops are held in both sync nad async (in recorded format with quizzes) ways. Also, a set of smart-books, video-books, etc. is prepared in addition to classic PDF books to enhance the learning process.

Contests & Exams


Avistopia; The Journey

Avistopia is a broad platform where one can learn new stuff, compete in competitions, and find job positions and projects that fit their skills and abilities.

Why Avistopia?

Simple & Fun

Although we kept the usage of this platform straightforward, fun little details made it pleasant to use and spend time in.


Our Content Control Team is constantly challenging the scientific validity and credibility of all content you see on the platform. If you're obsessed with the credibility, consume contents verified by our team with the verified checkmark beside.


Avistopia is comprehensive from three points of view. Any field and context you're willing to work on, just take a look at the bottom of this page. We're trying to create an exclusive platform for each area of knowledge. Also, our services are not limited to learning. If you're looking to build a resume, or participate in a contest. Oor even if you're looking to find job vacancies, or freelance projects, you can find what you desire from the top menu. Finally, This platform is tailored for all audiences, juniors and seniors, with any age and educational background.


If you want to learn something or advance in some area, but don't know where to start, take a look at our semi-prepared roadmaps. Select "I want to get consult ..." on the top search bar. We tried to introduce a reliable roadmap while paying attention to differences in our audiences' tastes and mindsets and take the learner's viewpoint into action.

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